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X-Ray Specialist

Americare Medical Center

Family and Internal Medicine Practice located in Sunrise, FL & Davie, FL

X-rays spot injuries or masses inside the body that can’t be seen by the naked eye. At Americare Medical Center in Sunrise and Davie, Florida, a team of medical professionals trained to perform X-ray tests, so you can receive the most accurate diagnosis possible. For more information on X-ray testing, call Americare Medical Center or book an appointment online today.

X- Ray Q & A

What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is a type of electromagnetic radiation that can see through your skin, giving the Americare Medical team a clear view of your bones, organs, and any foreign masses that seem out of place. They are the most common diagnostic imaging technique available and are often recommended as a precursor to more complex imaging tests.

How do X-rays work?

X-rays pass directly through your skin to produce clear images of your bones and organs. The type of radiation used to attain these images turns various parts of your body different shades of color on the scan. Bones, for example, contain calcium that absorbs radiation, so they show up white in the image. Certain soft tissues and fat, on the other hand, look gray in the scan. The air in your body absorbs very little radiation, which is why your lungs look black in X-ray images.

Because bone shows up white in X-ray scans, making it easier to see clear details, these imaging tests are most often used to detect bone fractures and breaks.

What are X-rays used for?

X-rays give the team a detailed view of the inside of your body, which helps diagnose certain diseases or injuries, such as:

Fractures or bone breaks

An X-ray is most often used to spot a bone fracture or break, as these concerns are easily seen in the resulting image.

Arthritis and osteoporosis

Many X-rays test bone density and can reveal signs of arthritis in your joints.


The team often uses X-rays to identify signs of bone cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer in its later stages.

Enlarged heart

Some early warning signs of an enlarged heart are easily spotted in X-ray images, an this can help prevent heart failure in the future.

What is a CT scan?

A computed tomography scan, also known as a CT or CAT scan, produces extremely detailed images of your body. The machine takes high-quality 360-degree scans of your spine, vertebrae, and internal organs to give the American Medical team a clear view. They most often use CT scans to detect signs of diseases, such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Appendicitis
  • Certain cancers

Prior to the scan, the team injects contrast dye into your blood to make your organs and internal structures as clear and visible as possible.

X-rays and CT scans detect early signs of disease, illness, and cancer, as well as bone breaks and fractures. For more information, call Americare Medical Center or book an appointment online today.